Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Holidays

I have'nt posted in so so long...for many reasons, but mainly due to my camera floating up stream somewhere and therefore having no pics to post.  We have had a lot happen in the last few months, but I will save u the long drawn out update and say all is well here.  My babies have been very sick (on and off) since Halloween and I'm hoping my many sleepless nights are coming to a close.  I'm tired, an emotional wreck, and sick of wiping snot off my childrens faces.  It's so cold here right now, and it really makes me miss home(FL) and my sweet family.  Ever since I got married, I always become so homesick and miss my family so much during this holiday season.  I seriously feel like a hot mess right now, however I am so excited about Christmas.  My boys, all 3 of them, are so excited.  We drive around looking at Christmas lights every night and sing Christmas music non stop.   Mike ask Hampton everyday what is he going to give for Christmas this year, and his answers are so priceless.  Last night he told his sister, "hey Kalani, let me tell u what u can give me for Christmas." We laughed forever about that one.  I really feel like the magical Christmas moments with kids is such a small window, and so therefore we TRY to eat up every moment in this house.  Although this time of year has been a little hard for me, we could not be more exicted about the coming weeks.  Our best friends are flying out with their kids for the weekend(next week), and my mom just called and said she would be coming for a week at Christmas.  I have so much to look forward to this month!!
*hopefully the new camera we are getting will put me back on the blog band wagon...hopefully
                                                                    *little instagram love
                                       *cant get enough this song, a little personal fav this time of year



The VomBaurs said...

So cute :)

Lynsi said...

Company always makes the christmas season that much more exciting! Glad that we've discovered eachothers blogs!!!!

Lynsi said...

loving that song, love her!